CBD Full Spectrum Cartridge 1000MG Vape Kit – Tropical Fruit Flavor


  It’s been a long wait, but after a year of rigorous testing with our new CBD Vape Cartridges we have finally cracked the code on the perfect CBD vape cartridge. The Natures Pure CBD Oil vape cartridge offers Full Spectrum CBD with loaded Terpenes to deliver the perfect solution for you. When CBD is vaped it will enter your bloodstream faster and work quicker, you’ll actually feel it working within five minutes or so. Vaping CBD is perfect for people that have anxiety issues,sleeping issues or PTSD – you’ll feel calmer and more relaxed very quickly. This kit comes with everything you need to get going. 1 Vape Pen Battery With Charger, 1 CBD Oil Cartridge with Full Spectrum CBD with Terpenes added. Note: Colors on batteries will vary. 

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